This allows you to download files right to your Android device

This allows you to download files right to your Android device

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Program license: Free

Program by: BitTorrent Inc.

Version: 6.6.0

Works under: Android

Also available for Mac Windows


Program license

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Program by


BitTorrent Inc.


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Also available for


Mac Windows

uTorrent is an easy to use bit torrent client to download and share your files with users all over the world.

uTorrent is a filesharing app that can be used on everything from iOS, Windows, Linux, Android and others, so 98% of users will be able to use it right away - even if you’re a torrenting newbie you’ll be able to get started sharing your first file in just a few minutes.

If you’ve ever had to install BT client before like Vuze, you probably already know how annoying setting up a client can be! The great thing about uTorrent is that it’ll auto-detect what kind of device you’re running, what network you’re running on and optimize your settings from the get-go to make sure you get the best user experience possible.

Like most torrent clients, uTorrent will slow down your device and your network connection. This isn’t really because of the client being poorly programmed, but more the nature of bit torrent itself and its heavy resource requirements.

Another problem users should be aware of is that this client runs ads – this is a serious problem for bit torrent clients. There are been multiple incidents where malicious code was injected by advertisers into ads in the client and infected user machines. Some experts have recommend downgrading to version 2.2.1 (the last stable build before advertising was added) to avoid this issue.

Aside from some minor security and system performance issues, uTorrent does its job and does it well. It optimizes itself to run on your specific device and connection type, is easy to use and isn’t tough for beginners to get into. If you’re looking for a more expert friendly client check out TransmissionQT instead!


  • Easy to Use, Especially for Beginners Even if you’re new to Bit Torrent, you’ll be able to download and seed your first torrent in just a few minutes.
  • One Click Installation You don’t need to be an expert to install; the default installation mode will instantly optimize settings for your device and connection type.
  • Great Tools for Power Users, Too The great thing about uTorrent is that you’ll also have advanced settings like lazy bitfields to mask your torrenting on hostile networks, encryption options and others to help power users get the most out of their torrents.


  • High Security Risk uTorrent is known to server ads linked to malware downloads and other malicious software that can compromise the integrity of your device. Be very careful, or search for a version of uTorrent that doesn’t have advertising (version 2.2.1, for example).
  • Power and Processor Hungry This app is a notorious resource hog and may not run very well on older computers and devices. If you’re running uTorrent on a mobile device you may experience response delay and trouble loading pages.