Lightweight BitTorrent client that is fast, free and easy to use

Lightweight BitTorrent client that is fast, free and easy to use

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Program license: Free

Program by: BitTorrent Inc.


Works under: Windows

Also available for Android Mac


Program license

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Program by


BitTorrent Inc.

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Android Mac

uTorrent is a feature-packed and lightweight torrent client that is completely free to use.

If you have been on the search for a simple and free torrent client that isn’t going to bog your system down, then you might want to take a closer look at uTorrent. This streamlined piece of software is now being used by millions of people throughout the world, and it is going to give you access to all of the digital content that you could ever want.

The first thing that you are going to notice when you download uTorrent is just how small of a footprint it has. The initial download is extremely minimal, and this program should work fine on almost any device that you have sitting around your house. While the paid version will take up a little more space, this is still one of the smallest torrent clients on the market. Once it has been installed and is up and running, the entire client should only eat up around 6MB of RAM during peak usage.

To use this software, you can search for torrents directly through the client or upload your own torrent keys that you have already downloaded from other locations. Once the file has been confirmed, you can then automatically download it from one or more users. The speed of your uploads and downloads is going to depend on a wide variety of factors including your internet provider and the total number of users that are sharing the file. When a file is seeded by thousands of users throughout the world, the upload speeds are going to be very quick. If the file has too many leechers and only a handful of seeders, then your speeds are going to slow down.

Many people download BitTorrent clients in order to automatically upload files through RSS feeds, and that is one feature that sets uTorrent apart. You can easily connect your client to any RSS feeds that share files that you would like to download. That is a very popular option for those who want to save copies of their favorite TV shows, journals, and magazines.

Another great feature that draws many people to uTorrent is the ability to stream media as it is being downloaded. uTorrent comes with a built-in media streaming tool that allows you to automatically play songs and videos before each download is complete. While the built-in media tool does have some drawbacks, it will help you determine which downloads are worth keeping and which should be deleted. Those previews are going to be especially useful if you are downloading whole seasons of a TV show or any other large files that might potentially be corrupted.

Power users will also be glad to hear that the development team has included some advanced features in this software. If you only have limited bandwidth during certain hours of the day, then you can throttle or entirely stop all traffic during those hours. You also have the option of packaging and sharing your if you want to seed your data to other users.

The biggest drawback of this software is the fact that it is bundled with a wide variety of bloatware. When you first download uTorrent, the program will ask you to install dozens of other packages ranging from VPNs to browsers. While some of that software might be useful, most will consider it to be unnecessary bloatware. If you aren’t careful, then uTorrent could end up installing a variety of packages that clutter your computer or bring it to a grinding halt.

Some users might also have an occasional problem with invasive advertisements that can be seen in the client window. This software is completely free and only supported through ads, but there have been a few malware issues in the past. uTorrent’s development team has gone to great lengths to get rid of phishing scams and other harmful ads, but you might still run into issues if you don’t watch where you are clicking. Luckily, those advertisements can be completely removed by purchasing the full app.

The world of torrenting has exploded in popularity in recent years, and torrent clients are now being used by millions of people every single day. This simple client is going to give you access to an unimaginable amount of content while allowing you to share your own files with the world. It is also extremely lightweight, and that means you will be able to run it on practically any Windows device that you have. That being said, users should still be careful when downloading any type of file from an anonymous source, and uTorrent doesn’t have a built-in filter that is going to protect your computer from ransomware and other forms of malware.


  • Extremely lightweight with a very small digital footprint
  • Useful built-in media streaming tool
  • Built-in search tool
  • Allows you to schedule your uploads and downloads


  • Some intrusive ads
  • Software comes bundled with other programs

uTorrent is perhaps the king of kings when it comes to BitTorrent clients today. Millions of people utilize the program in order to share and download files. In simple terms, uTorrent allows users to engage in peer-to-peer file sharing with ease. The updated program features a slick user interface, powerful configuration options, and much more. While many BitTorrent clients exist today, there are many reasons why so many people choose uTorrent instead of its competitors.

uTorrent: Simple, Effective Peer-to-Peer File Sharing

When users download uTorrent, they're opening a world of possibilities with torrent files. Fortunately, uTorrent itself is a fast and small download. Launching the program presents users with a simple-to-understand user interface and various menus. Various settings can be tweaked to match the user's preferences on downloading files. A number of file libraries are included in the program, but they're somewhat lackluster. At first glance, uTorrent is easy to understand and won't confuse file sharing novices.

The program includes handy features like RSS feeds, a search function, and various diagnostics tools. During the torrent download process, users are presented with useful information on that download. They'll know when to expect the download to finish and how many seeders/leechers exist on that file. Advanced users will be able to customize their download process to their liking, and novices can use click-and-go instead.

One Minor Downside; One Major Downside

As a BitTorrent client, uTorrent is perhaps the perfect solution. Outside of the file sharing is where problems start to arise. A minor annoyance during the initial download is how many add-ons uTorrent offers. All of these add-ons are third-party applications that aren't required to run the actual client. Without a doubt, users need to make sure they click "No" on all of these downloads to avoid potentially malicious software.

On top of that, uTorrent experienced a major controversy in 2015 regarding its usage of users' CPUs for cryptocurrency mining. The developers behind uTorrent embedded code into the program that mined Bitcoin and other currencies for themselves. Such a practice bogged down users' CPUs and hampered their computer usage experience. In fact, this practice could have led to many other problems.

uTorrent, ignoring the previous two complaints, is one of the best clients out there. It's only lacking in certain areas, but it downloads Torrent files like a dream. When it comes to performance and efficiency, perhaps no other BitTorrent client stacks up. Regular users will fall in love with how simple uTorrent is, and power users will be enamored by its advanced features instead. Undoubtedly, the program is worth a download for file sharing fans.


  • Small, lightweight program that boasts powerful features.
  • This BitTorrent client is easy to navigate and use.
  • Novices to experts with file sharing will love this program.


  • uTorrent caught in a cryptocurrency mining scandal recently.
  • Certain features found in other clients are missing here.
  • The client doesn't feature the best searching features for finding torrent files.

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

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